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Unleash Your Creative Genius

Ignite Your Imagination and Master Various Artistic Mediums

Tenex School of Music, we offer a comprehensive Art & Craft program designed to foster creativity and artistic expression among our students. Our dedicated instructors provide a supportive and stimulating environment where students can explore various artistic techniques and mediums. From traditional methods to digital art, our curriculum encompasses a wide range of disciplines, allowing students to develop their skills and discover their unique artistic voices.



Master the art of charcoal drawing with techniques like shading and texture creation for captivating and expressive artworks. Bring still life compositions and portraits to life with the versatility of charcoal, exploring light, shadow, and intricate details.


Dive into the vibrant world of watercolour painting, learning essential techniques to create beautiful and expressive floral and landscape artworks.

Oil Painting

Explore the rich and immersive world of oil painting, mastering techniques to create stunning still life, landscapes, and realistic portraits. Unleash your creativity with oils, capturing the essence of light, form, and depth in your artworks.

Digital Art

Discover the digital realm of art, harnessing the power of digital tools and software to create stunning drawings, paintings, and photo manipulations.